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We do not perform market making using our own capital, nor our own accounts. We do not take custody of clients' capital either.

We are a technology provider, our clients subscribe to our service to use our algorithms.

About Us

HedgeTech is a market making algorithms provider for digital assets worldwide, based in Boston.

We act as technology providers for issuers, exchanges and

market makers.

Our Strengths

Strategy Catalog

Composed of sophisticated strategies to provide state-of-the-art liquidity, create efficient market environments for traders and make markets meet exchanges' requirements.

Exchange orderbook picture


Including the best exchanges integration in the industry, the most stable and secure trading algorithms, and a highly scalable server infrastructure.

Strategies Benefits

HTClient app stack

Maintaining a low spread in price and a liquid order book at all times are essential to create an efficient market environment. As a result, traders and investors are able to buy and sell at fair prices and in desired quantities at any time, for a lower cost of trading and on less volatile markets.


Thus, your markets will become attractive to traders, will grow organically and sustainably.

In addition, your markets will benefit from higher trust scores and liquidity ratings on CoinMarketCap, CoinGecko and other data reporting sites.

Strategy Catalog

Liquidity Oriented

Market Making:

Provide liquidity, narrow the spread in price and make profits when the price fluctuates.


Stable Market Making (Market Making with Price Matching):

Provide liquidity and narrow the spread in price while matching the value of a desired index.

Orderbook Replication:

Replicate the liquidity from an exchange with more liquidity to an exchange with less liquidity. Make profits from strictly hedging risks.

Pool Liquidity Migration:

Build the orderbook on an exchange by taking liquidity provided by the community from a liquidity pool/AMM. Make profits from strictly hedging risks.

Profits Oriented


Generate profits by lowering price discrepancies with same exchange cross pair/cross exchange same pair/cross exchange cross pair arbitrage.

Liquidity Pool Arbitrage:

Generate profits by lowering price discrepancies between an exchange and a liquidity pool/AMM.

Pools Arbitrage:

Generate profits by lowering price discrepancies between liquidity pools/AMMs.


Market Entry (Buy-Back, Accumulate):

Efficiently buy large amounts of assets at the lowest price possible without impacting the price and suffering from a large slippage.


Market Exit (Sell-Off, Liquidate):

Efficiently sell large amounts of assets at the highest price possible without impacting the price and suffering from a large slippage.

Smart Swap:

Establish conditional swaps on a liquidity pool/AMM to enter or exit a market efficiently.


Scheduled Orders:

Easily automate your strategy by scheduling recursive orders, without any coding background.

Custom Scripts:

Run the strategy you coded without worrying about exchange integration or servers set-up/maintenance.

Alternatively, ask our trading software desk to design a custom strategy that you can run on our infrastructure.


Best Exchange Integration

We are ready to be integrated on all centralized and decentralized exchanges, in order for you to support all markets on these exchanges.

For exchanges that are not yet supported, we are committed to integrating them within 24 hours, free of charge, upon request.

Below is a list of exchanges that are already supported:

Exchanges that are already supported

Flexible Use Cases

For who?

- Issuers: meet exchanges' requirements by making your markets more liquid and efficient on all the exchanges you are listed on.

- Exchanges: attract traders to more competitive markets by providing the best prices and lowest slippage at all times.

- Market makers: use the algorithms designed by HedgeTech or design your own custom scripts, benefitting from our exchange integration capabilities and scalable server infrastructure.

- Broker/dealers: add to the services you offer with an all-in-one liquidity provision system.

On what markets?

Our algorithms run on all markets environments: major coins, altcoins/tokens, perpetuals and other digital assets.

High Scalability

Our competitive advantage is our cutting-edge technology. Our server infrastructure is highly scalable, allowing to run strategies on thousands of different markets and exchanges simultaneously, without any downtime, under the highest standards of cybersecurity.

Get Started

We configure scripts

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Impeccable algorithmic execution

Security of markets and capital

24/7 technical support

Customized market making plan


Monitoring and execution control

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You are in control

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License our strategies

Exchanges, broker-dealers

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At HedgeTech, distinguished mathematicians, economists and computer scientists collaborate to design customized trading algorithms that run twenty-four hours, every day of the year, in accordance with the partners’ requests. Our members bring together optimization and risk management to build innovative proprietary systems.


Laurent Benayoun

Laurent Benayoun picture

. Interests: strategy design and implementation

. Peer reviewer, Journal of Quantitative Finance

. BA in Pure Mathematics & Economics, Prize for Excellence in Mathematics, Boston University (USA)

. First Prize in Violin, Conservatoire de Musique (France)

Shi (Tom) Qiu

Shi Qiu picture

. Interests: server infrastructure and parallel programing, applications of reinforcement learning to algorithmic trading

. Former algorithmic trader on China's commodities futures

. Ernst & Young alumni

. MS in Statistics, Southern Methodist University (USA)

. BA in Applied Mathematics, Tongji University (China)

References & Awards

Below is a list of industry/institutional recognition received. Follow the links embedded in the logos or underlined text to have access to guest lectures, webinars, awards and articles.

"Some of the most important entities withing market making are Jump [Trading], HedgeTech" - report ordered by LMAX

Arcane research logo

Research journal peer reviewers (market making)

Quantitative Finance Journal logo
Business Insider logo

Guest lecturers & project sponsors in Quantitative Trading Strategies (Dr. Stoikov), Cornell Master of Financial Engineering

Cornell University logo

"Most promising billion dollar startup" award

Hackernoon logo

"Leading Market Maker" - Hummingbot



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