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HedgeTech is a Quantitative Trading firm located in Cambridge, MA. The company is composed of three departments - Hedge Fund, Market Making, and Trading Software Engineering - that operate on stocks, forex and cryptocurrency markets.

Our Edge

At HedgeTech, we combine mathematical models with machine learning to design sophisticated trading algorithms that maximize performance. We strive to constantly refine our strategies to adapt to rapidly changing market environments.  


Software as a Service (SaaS) Cryptocurrency Market Making and Trading

Top liquidity provider

Maintaining a low spread in price and a liquid order book at all times are essential to create an efficient market environment. As a result, traders and investors are able to buy and sell at fair prices and in desired quantities at any time, for a lower cost of trading and on less volatile markets. Our systems enable you to make markets, thus attracting market participants and growing organic volume significantly and sustainably.

High scalability

Our competitive advantage is our cutting-edge technology. Our framework is highly scalable, allowing you to run strategies on hundreds of different markets and exchanges simultaneously with very little maintenance, under the highest standards of cybersecurity.

Best exchange integration

We are ready to be integrated on all exchanges that provide a trading API in order to support all markets on these exchanges. If you notice that an exchange is absent of the SaaS documentation, please notify us via the user contact form and we will integrate that exchange in less than 24 hours.

Flexible uses

Our SaaS is a suite of powerful algorithms that can be ran from a simple user interface (or can be integrated to your platform via our API).

It is suitable for:

- Token issuers, who can operate the systems within their company, on all exchanges they are listed on

- Exchanges, for in-house management of their main pairs and to offer market making to token issuers

- Broker/dealers, who can add to the services they offer with an all-in-one liquidity provision system

- Market makers, who can chose to either use the algorithms designed by HedgeTech or to design their own custom scripts, benefiting from our exchange integration capabilities and scalable server infrastructure

Our algorithms are suitable for any market environment: major coins, altcoins, security tokens, perpetual contracts and all other digital assets.

Strategy Catalog

Our in-house designed strategies are extremely flexible and our infrastructure offers endless customization.


Maker (market making) Strategy:

Provides liquidity and narrows the spread on the markets of your choice.


Stable (price matching) Strategy:

Maker strategy for stable markets.

Replication (orderbook replication) Strategy:

Liquidity matching, from a larger exchange to a smaller exchange.


Enter (buy-back) Strategy:

Smart buy-back to purchase a currency without impacting its price (counter high slippage) or going through OTC.


Exit (sell-off) Strategy:

Smart sell-off to sell a currency without impacting its price (counter high slippage) or going through OTC.


Scheduled Orders:

Easily automate your strategy by scheduling recursive orders, without any coding background.

Custom Scripts:

Run the strategy you coded without worrying about exchange integration or servers set-up/maintenance.

Alternatively, ask our trading software department to design a custom strategy that you can run using SaaS.


Quant Hedge Fund

Our Philosophy

The combination of mathematical creativity and disciplined algorithm design is the foundation of our trading philosophy. We live by our motto: “brain power, computer efficiency”. Our trading systems are created and controlled by humans, using machines to their fullest potential. The innovative technologies that stem from this human-machine interaction allow us to stay ahead of the industry and uncover opportunities inaccessible to mainstream fund managers in order to maximize profits while strictly limiting risks on behalf of our partners.


Our Technology

As a quantitative hedge fund, we use machine learning to build proprietary alpha strategies that have both a strong edge on the markets and a limited downside exposure. In doing so, we make sure to gain insights since the inception of financial markets using big data, effectively separating noise and valuable information. In addition, trading algorithms, unlike manual execution, are not prone to emotions and fatigue and are updated with the latest information to make informed decisions at lightning speeds.

Risk Management

We place our partners’ interests first. Risk management is embedded at the core of our infrastructure. We rigorously select low slippage environments, conservatively calculate capacity, diversify the markets we trade on, ensure no overnight exposure, backtest on decades, select the most consistent strategies over time, always controlling for the lowest possible maximum drawdown. Our servers are operated under highest standards of cybersecurity.

Trading Software Engineering

API Packages

Our API packages for exchanges and brokers are tailored to your needs. These packages are meant to be easy to use and ready to be implemented within your trading infrastructure. 

Pooled Order Books

Our aggregated order books package pools all available maker orders on the exchanges of your choice in real time. It can be used as a monitoring option or integrated to your trading systems.


We create low latency softwares that can find arbitrage opportunities and maximize profits across exchanges for the markets of your choice. 

Automation, Backtesting and Training

We offer to automate your trading strategies using algorithms. In addition, we apply the most suitable machine learning techniques to backtest and train your strategies in order to maximize your trading performance.


At HedgeTech, distinguished mathematicians, economists and computer scientists from alma maters around the world collaborate to design customized trading algorithms that run twenty-four hours, every day of the year, in accordance with the partners’ requests. Our members bring together optimization, risk management and machine learning to build innovative proprietary systems.


Laurent Benayoun

Laurent received the first prize in violin performance at the prestigious Conservatory of Music in France and graduated Summa Cum Laude in Mathematics and Economics at Boston University, where he was awarded the prize for excellence in Mathematics. After graduating, he decided to create his quantitative trading firm . This mathematician at heart has a revolutionary vision of business and he is the mastermind behind HedgeTech.

Shi (Tom) Qiu

Tom received a Bachelor of Applied Mathematics from Tongji University, China, as well as a Master of Statistics from Southern Methodist University, USA. During his time in University, he started to implement algorithmic solutions to trade futures. He conducts research on the application of reinforcement learning to financial sequences with a focus on genetic algorithms, neural evolution and deep Q learning.


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